Monday, May 7, 2007

Who am I? I am …

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This is a very tricky situation. I have to introduce myself. But how to do so? Readers, do I hear you say that introducing oneself is a piece of cake? Well, consider it again. There are few things more knotty than going about introducing oneself.

I am a human being. No, no, no, no, no. This is a most preposterous first line. I have 1’s and 2’s of everything that the normal members of the human species have. Worse. Hey, why don’t you help me? How do I introduce myself? What do I say of myself? I am at a loss. Okay, let me try again.

I don’t remember since when I started harbouring this idea in my mind that I could be a writer. Must be from a very early age, would be my guess. And now I am so habituated with that idea that any convincing proof that my ambition is but a wishful thinking of a dreamer who refuses to wake up, still seems to be unconvincing. What can I say? Old habits and bad habits, both die hard. So here am I, trying to go along with my utopian delusion of becoming a writer and my first essay of self-introduction is, I can see, going the way of being a disaster.

But being an ever optimist, I am not going to give up without a fight. So while you struggle to read me and understand me, Readers, please be patient. Remember that I am too struggling. How true was the philosopher who said that wise saying: The greatest battle lies within. Pathetic plagiarism. But still a start, won’t you say? Just go on encouraging me like that with your presence and patience, Readers, and I might be able to succeed in actually introducing myself by the unforeseeable future when we come to the end of my attempt at self-introduction.

Smiling, are you? I take a bow at being able to satisfy you, Readers, with the stuff that I have written for you to read. And I will also join with you to smile as I survey of all I behold, I mean peruse all I have written (or do I say created… yes that is a better appellation. I am a creator and I have unleashed my creation for you, Readers, to appreciate, and you will have the full benefit of my creation and will go on enjoying the fruits, for I have decided that I must be selfless if I must take up the mantle of the creator and hence from now on all my creations are dedicated to you, Readers, and for your sake if not for nothing else I will continue to write … errrrr, create.)

Today being the first, I have decided that I will keep my piece short and simple. I have decided to just tell you my name and leave it to that. More will follow in days to come. Or rather as I create more and more, and you come in closer contact with me through my creations, you will in natural flow of time come to know more of me, the creator. So, Readers, lend me your ears.

My name is … Hey, what does that matter? Readers, you don’t mean to say that after all the talks we had till now, you still put such a premium to knowing my name, an exercise that is most superficial and futile. So we will leave it to that. I will not give you my name. But then how are we going to address you… do we call you Creator, is that what I hear you say? No, no, that is not a name. But don’t you worry, Readers. I will give you a name. A name that will both be enough to identify and address me and yet be not my name. It is my alternative name, the one you don’t find in the annals of history, in books of records. But a name that is no less true a signifier of my identity.

So, my name is Dc. What kind of name is that? Well, I am not here to oblige you with explanations, am I? If I say that this is my alternative name and here I am sharing it with you, then should you not have faith in me and instead of clamouring for explanation, just accept it as a fact? Yes, now that is better. So, Readers, here you are… my name is Dc. This is the name with how you can address me and identify me. And if you have problems of being at peace with yourself for not getting a meaning, then you can always make my name to mean: Divine creator… ha ha ha ha ha. Kidding, yaa!

Therefore you see how apt is my blog name. It starts with a ‘d’. Which may stand both for my name and for the name of my blog. Now this is self-evident why my blog is named doppleganger, isn’t it, Readers? The very spelling which is not the acknowledged spelling, gives you the hint as to what I am – a personalised persona, who appropriates applicable names and adapts spellings to suit his disposition. And the concept of having an alternative name suggests twin identity. No more explanation. I hope I have said enough.

So, Readers, how do you feel? Are you game? Well, I am!

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The Clown said...

Hello Dc. Although it's been quite long that I've known you, it's good to see you the Bedouins' Robe.

Hope to meet you in some other part of the tent. Have fun.


satyr said...
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satyr said...

Reflecting on oneself can be both, easy and difficult er knotty. So Dc, while I think that I know, what you were thinking when you wrote this, I know that I know very little.
Though I feel, that this is a question every one should attempt to answer. But am I game...? I need to ask myself that.