Monday, May 7, 2007


Welcome to The Bedouin Lounge

Feeling creative? Want to set your imaginations free in words? This is where we challenge you to a "creative crossings". That being said let me tell you how it works -

Every month you'd be given two words starting with an alphabet. Let's say, "creative" and "crossing" are the two words. Your job is to connect this two seemingly unconnected words with a third word of your choice starting with the same alphabet and write something creative. Let's say, you chose the word - "challenge". Your job would be to write a story, a poem, a dialogue or for that matter, anything creative using the three words.

There would a winner every month - based on who derives maximum relevance and meaning using the three words. Your piece may be as long or short as you wish. You may submit as many entries as you wish, the only constraint being that you cannot choose the same word twice. For instance, if you've already used up "challenge" you may choose - "constraint", "cannot" or maybe, "choose". Even, "cannibals" would be accepted.

How to Publish

Mention the 3rd word starting with the chosen alphabet of the month, that you've opted for, at the beginning of your post.

Publish your post in this blog and select-copy-paste this link at the end of your post - this entry is meant for CREATIVE CROSSINGS. You must do this so that I can understand that your post is meant for this section. I, on my part, will make sure that your entry is submitted under COMPLETED CROSSINGS. At the end of the month a winning entry will be selected.

Don't forget to check the other entries of your fellow bedouins and comment on them.

Did someone ask about the prizes? Well, we are too poor for that. The only prize you get is that your name gets featured for the next month on the walls of The Bedouin Lounge


Here are the two words for this month -

  1. Bullet
  2. Blind

Add Yours!

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