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Welcome to The Bedouin Lounge

Sifr, the arabic word means zero (English: Cipher). It is nothingness, void, the perfect circle, a cycle of unending. The ancient philosophers would say nothingness is the absence of something and anything. The invisibility.

Here, we dwell on that nothingness. Sit in a circle around an invisible bonfire and construct ourselves from that nothingness that each of us holds within ourselves. Share our experiences and points of view on a multitude of topics discussed by turns.

Every month or so, we'd find ourselves a topic on which each of us could discuss. Share your thoughts through articles and by commenting on other's articles. If you think you've already written something on the current topic in the past, feel free to share it with us. You're free to publish as many articles as you wish pertaining to the topic. For who knows, your article might just change the outlook of a fellow bedouin.

How to Publish:

This is how it works - publish your article in The Bedouins blog. While you're posting just copy-paste this link - Read All Other Articles on This Topic Here at the end of your article (on the post page itself). You must do this so that I can understand that your article is meant for this section. On my part, I'll make sure that your article is featured under SUBMITTED THOUGHTS in this page. All articles on the topics raised would be cataloged properly and archived for easy access in the future for any reader browsing the web. So, don't think of your articles as insignificant. ALL YOUR THOUGHTS COUNT.

Also, make sure that you comment on your neighborhood bedouin's articles giving your genuine thoughts.

Now let's move on to this month's topic -


"I do not know how it happened myself! From childhood I feared everybody; as I grew up I began to hate everybody, some for their meanness, others--well, I do not know why--just so! And now I see all the people in a different way. I am grieved for them all! I cannot understand it; but my heart turned softer when I recognized that there is truth in men, and that not all are to blame for their foulness and filth."
- Maxim Gorky, Mother

How much of ourselves do we carry from our childhood? Does our childhood ever turn into obscurity with time or does it get itself seated deeper into our sub-consciousness ultimately becoming our personality? Have you ever wondered if you're still a child?

Share with us the thoughts and experiences of your childhood, your days with your parents. Or if you're a parent yourself, your experiences of parenthood - the innocence and the fragility of your child. Tell us about the times in which you grew up (or you find your child growing up now). Enlighten Us!


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