Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Sort of Introduction to The Bedouins

Welcome to our newly refurbished desert. And as we move from dune to dune, together, let me tell you something about ourselves.

Bedu, the Arabic word from which the name bedouin is derived, is a simple, straightforward tag. It means "inhabitant of the desert," and refers generally to the desert-dwelling nomads of Arabia, the Negev, and the Sinai. For most people, however, the word "bedouin" conjures up a much richer and more evocative image--of lyrical, shifting sands, flowing robes, and the long, loping strides of camels.

We are here to conjure that exact magical existence within our lives. We sit in a circle and interact - That's the idea that went behind in creating this blog.

And for all of these you just need to be a Bedouin yourself - be part of the community. All you need to do is mail me at clownscape@gmail.com letting me know that you'd like to become a Bedouin yourself. And I'd send you an invitation to join in as a co-author, along with a detailed mail about some of the basic stuffs in this blog. The rest is pretty simple - accept the invitation, if you don't have an account with Blogger already - it's ask you to create one. Do it. And you're ready to post. For those of you who already have an account, you'd see this blog add up on your dashboard.

After you've gone through the introductory mail and you feel you've more questions, you can always ask them over here (as comments on this post) or mail me back with your queries.

But before you make a decision to join (or not to), take a stroll. Wait! Lemme roll the magic carpet first. Okay. we're ready.

Welcome to The Bedouin Lounge

5 Voices Heard:

Ela said...

I like your ideas Bedouins! and thought of participating in the creative crossing, but I am not sure, do I only use the words with the letter c? give me example by writing a poem. because using only c-word would be very hard to do. give me a poem example written by you. and then I'll try to do something with the 'b' words

The Clown said...

Dear Ela, it's good to see you back as always.

Posting in "Creative Crossings" is pretty simple. You'd find that I've already provided two words starting with the letter "b". The challenge is for you to find any other word starting with the same alphabet ("b")and connect these 3 words in a single creative piece (a poem, short story, etc) with as much relevance as you could.

You must mention which word you have chosen at the beginning of the post.

Ela said...

so, as long as there is a this third word, for example: I choose 'creative-crossing and character'. Now I can write a poem using other words starting with other letters?
1) 'creative crossing the character of my evil sister will only build the strenght of her underground river, but then flow upward as a new and innocent spring'
would that be 'kind of' correct?
I only want to pop up from time to time and join in the fun, hmm, I'll think about becoming le beduin. I just know I am not good at joining teams, I fall out and then I would be a le lost beduin in the middle of le sizzling sands..:)
yes, good to see you too !
ps, it is taking a long time to log in into this blogger account, so slow..

The Clown said...

Yes, that is a correct example, Ela. And a valid one, too.

The decision to join the blog (or not to) is completely yours. The idea was to have some fun by being part of a community, rather than a team. So, there are no obligations. Also, It's not possible for you to post your articles (even for "creative crossings") without being a co-authoress. But as I said, I respect your decision.

P.S. - The doors are always to be open. They may be a little slow but they shall be steady.

Ela said...

I sure will visit you! Good day!
of to wanderland!