Tuesday, August 28, 2007

eclipse prayer

Welcome to The Bedouin Lounge

Neptunian Moon [Grandmother Moon]
unveil my deepest sorrow
Give me the power, the words and the way
Oh, Goddess, dance with me
Spinning in trance into your mystery
Smiling sunshine into my heart
Grant me the wisdom and grace
to translate Your perfect Face
Your living radiance
that all may understand
the necessity of peace

War Profiteers Profit from War; Everyone Profits from Peace

War Kills. Peace Mends & Grows

Blowing Ourselves Apart, Or Working Together Toward Common Wealth

Stewards or Destroyers

Joyous Assemblage or Hate-Filled Mob

Good Neighbors or Armed Camps

Why not have faith that we are, all of us, here for a purpose; and at least
part of that purpose is to get along. Why not set our minds to
the world beat of peace?