Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who am I?

Welcome to The Bedouin Lounge

I am wandelaar. This is a nederlands word meaning "wanderer". I chose this name because I have been walking around my whole life long, figuratively and literally. Lately however I seem to be settling a bit so who knows!
I think that this group will suit me because in my mind I see the Bedouin as the ultimate wanderer.
I have been writing on and off all my life. I hope someday to finally publish something really worth reading but 'til then I will keep on trying.
The computer is, in spite of all my endeavours still a bit of a mystery to me so I am sure to make a lot of mistakes with posting and such. Do have patience with my fumblings.
Pleased to make your aquaintance fellow bedouins,

1 Voices Heard:

The Clown said...

Welcome to the desert Oasis, Wandelaar. By the way, I really, really like your name. It's just too... perfect.

Now, you are free to take part in the different events. So, see you soon in some other part of the tent. Enjoy and have fun.

And above all, SMILE.