Sunday, July 15, 2007


Welcome to The Bedouin Lounge

Our first topic for this month is The Meaning of "Meaning".

So, put your heads together or bang them. And let your pseudo-philosophical ideologies out of that head.

Choose a character for yourself and let me know what it in your very first comment and your name would be added under characters. This being the first time I'll take the lead -


1. The Clown as himself
2. Ela as Native Red Ant
3. [this could be you]

3 Voices Heard:

The Clown said...

The Clown as HIMSELF:

I could never understand what "meaning" meant. I'd been trying to browse through a few dictionaries... and I found about a dozen meanings. "Whatever that means", I thought, at last.

ela said...

maybe 'meaning' means hiding behind the mask of words, like..straight forward is too much to handle.. but better yet, the 'meaning' pertains to the capacity of a brain. words transmitted by a brain differ from one brain to another, and what for one means 'this', for another means 'that'.
Surely, 'this' and 'that' is just a matter of a distans.

ps. How many selves can one desire to have?

Language...instead of keeping it simple, we change it, until no one gets it. Or is it just the beginning of globalization getting around? that would mean one day everything will be allright.

character: Native Red Ant

MotherSky said...

Mother Sky:

Mm. To many meanings to the word, I'd say. I agree with you too, Red. It seems that all this conscience world cares about is perception--a true deed--and that perception, in its glory, creates reality. With that said, what is meaning. . .?

I think meaning is a staple we put on to things in order to over simplify them. "What is the meaning of" this, that, her, him? Does it end?

As well as this, it just sticks to language as a representation of how we speak. Words came for vocalization, of course. Meanings come from us giving an object, place, or person a vocal "meaning".

Look at the words I mean. In them, I'm just trying to get a point across--I'm stapling my want for people to understand onto what I want them to understand, and hoping they do.

Meaning is a word we use too much, I'd say. A word much like love or hate. Without thought, words "mean" nothing. There is nothing behind them.

Therefor, I think, that meaning is only the veil we put over emotions we direct towards a certain subject.